Take Your Video Content To The Next Level:

Turn it into a Video Search Engine!

Help your course students and membership members consume more of your content and get better  and faster results with searchditto video.
So, why searchditto video?
Because a confused client is a lost client.

Many online business owners send their members into

content wood where they get lost.

We want to help them get to the information they need.

Built by a team of developers trusted by

 many influencers and business owners for the last 14 years.

We’ve been in the background of quite a few successful launches!

We also have close to 300 Membership Online Portal developed under our belt.

Some of our past Clients include:

searchditto video is here to help you get :

Help your members save time and get to the information they need faster, so they get faster results

searchditto video has a unique powerful search feature that allows your members and students to quickly find videos based on a keyword and based on what they currently have access to.

Boost Engagement inside your Course or Membership

searchditto video can generate transcripts for all your videos that are then automatically available for your members to read and/or download. You save time and money, they get more value.

Give a New life to your live Q&A calls or past Webinar recordings

Wondering if you should put your Q&A call recordings inside the platform because no-one watched replays? think again! with the powerful search your members will be able to quickly find answers to questions answered during the Q&As! A huge time saver for you too.

Increase Your Retention Rate

By making your content more easily searchable and providing transcripts for them to read and download, you’re increasing consumption and therefore increasing results.

Find out what your members are searching so you can attract more ideal members!

Get access to the keywords and phrases that your members are searching so that you know what they are searching for and create more content like it!

Are you ready to take your video content to the next level?

Using searchditto video is as simple as 1-2-3:

Signup  to the Program and get instant access to the WordPress plugin. 

Need help with installing it? 

Reach out to us!

Install the plugin and let it scan your website to find all your Vimeo videos.


No need to upload videos anywhere or change your current process!

Click on the videos you want to generate transcripts for


The video and transcript will automatically be added to the Search Engine and displayed below the video IF you want to.

No upload or download of videos and transcripts, 

searchditto does it ALL FOR YOU.

Got questions? We got answers!

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? reach out to us at info@newsoftwaremarketing.com

When you join you get:
– Unlimited Site wide search widgets that you can place on any page to help your students and members find relevant content FAST

– Access to an automated subscription service (we support 20+ languages) that will transcribe your video and create a transcript file that you’ll be able to download

– Add close caption display on all your video (nothing for you to add or edit)

– A Transcript button below each video automatically placed that will display the transcript text when clicked (you can choose to have it removed)


If you decide to cancel your videos will continue to work however:

– the search will be gone

– the transcript button will be gone and you’ll need to add it back yourself.

– the close caption will not display anymore
You’ll be able to download all your transcripts before your account is closed.


We’re connected to 2 different transcription services that are widely used by automated tools Amazon S3 transcription and Rev.com transcription.
We’re giving you a full month guarantee o see for yourself!


This is super easy and simple, when you signup you get access to tutorial videos that show you how to install the plugin and set it up.
This is basically what you need to do:
– signup

– install plugin, hook up to your vimeo account

– check all the videos that it has discovered on your site and click on the videos you want a transcripts for that’s it!


To get started the only tools you need are :

– a wordpress site
– A Vimeo Pro account
– Amazing videos to share